Friday 16 April 2010

We've got a show to put on your dress

Finally an update! Nothing has been that interesting to blog about recently :S But I have just spent pretty much most of my birthday money on a bow back skater dress and navy knee highs from Asos and an American Apparel skirt that I already have but in a different colour. I'd forgotten how good Asos was! I was looking through their motel section and some of the dresses are cute but look really short, I have this problem with a lot of Topshop's dresses too in that they don't leave much to the imagination unless you wear dark tights and keep tugging the dress down! Does anyone else find this?
On the other hand I looked at the hoisery section and there are a lot of cute tights! I love my pair of black ones with big pale pink hearts all over from Topshop but I get lots of weird looks walking around my city in them and a girl in my year has a pair too so I haven't worn them as much.

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I love the heart suspender ones!

There aren't as many cute ones on Topshop as usual but I think they get snapped up quite quickly, but I love the little pink bows on the left pair.




Sweeney said...

The one size Topshop tights ain't the oul' May West though :/ I think the bow tights like most Topshops tights are better for tiny petite girls; My friend(tall and skinny)wore them into town the other day, someone actually asked if there was something wrong with her legs! Sadly stretched bows on long legs no matter how perfect her pins are, equates to them looking similar to milk bottle legs with pox marks lol.

josie said...

topshop is for petite girls, full stop. even their tall section is silly. primark is actually a better fit for me, and cheaper, so it's a win-win, haha. i do like patterned tights but they're so loud and i hate to think that people are staring at my legs!
x x x x

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