Friday 11 March 2011

✰ Cosmic Girl ✰

Greetings! So a while back I posted about my love for the whole galaxy/cosmic print trend, and I bought the dress I showed in the collage I made. I'm pretty sure I'm wearing it to my schools leaver's ball in July but before that my friend took some photos of me in it for her A level art work as she is doing an art nouveau theme so she'll paint/draw from these pics. We had a ton of lols taking these photos, and I got a few strange looks walking through my schools art department wearing this with my big black coat over the top to cover my modesty hehe

A close up of the print, its so pretty!

I hope you enjoyed my first modelling attempt, frankly I'm thinking I shall be in demand for all the S/S runways after these XD


P.S I set up a lookbook account here if you use LB please add me as a friend/fan?? I'm not quite sure how it works yet!


MJ said...

That dress is incredible! I wish I'd worn something that exciting for my leavers' ball...

Insert Psuedonym said...

I saw these in Lou's sketchbook the other day when she was painting from them, I was gonna say you should do a blog post on it lol
they are gorrrrgeous my laff!!!

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