Wednesday 8 February 2012

Motel Rocks: Fiver Friday Dress

I was unaware that Motel did this but I happened to see on their facebook page (here) something called 'fiver friday' where they reduce one of their dresses (this time the Blake dress in pretty rose navy) to £5 so I grabbed it quickly, with free postage too! I wasn't going to say no to a motel dress for a fiver incl postage!! It arrived this morning..
I was a bit nervy because of the cut out low back but with this epic bra it looks fine.
Such a bargain! I find motel does the best body con, the material isn't so thin you can see what you had for lunch and although this dress is snug on me it's still flattering. I now own two Motel dresses, mucho exciting. can't wait to wear this out! Does anyone else have any motel party dresses? xx


Imogen said...

What an incredible deal, I would definitely have bought it too.I love the dress, especially the cut out back.

Unknown said...

how pretty dress ^^

Dayle Pereira said...

I love the incredible fit that the dress has! It looks so pretty on you !

Ella said...

This looks gorgeous on you, your figure looks lovely. What a bargain too xx
Ella @ Belle Vintage

Elyse E said...

Wow that's what I call a va-va-voom dress, looks so good on you!
Great blog, check out and come follow my blog darling :)

GeorginaGoodman said...

Fiver friday is great but if your looking for furth discount

get 20% off at motel with discount code

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