Tuesday 7 February 2012

Someday Summary #1

1) Greetings loyal followers, sorry I haven't blogged in about six thousand years, been a combination of ill /heartbroken. Had a fab time in belle Paris, til about 3 days before I left, when I got food poisoning from a dodgy eclair which wasn't fun to say the least. You don't want to feel like chundering every two seconds when you're in one of the most beautiful cities on earth.
Then I got home and the shittiness continued when my lovely boyfriend decided to cheat on me and break up with me (via skype...). Turns out being cheated on is like sticking your head in a bucket of eels - very unpleasant and not a feeling you will forget quickly. 

2) Buuut on a lighter note my dog had puppies when I was in Paris, they look like adorable glossy baby otters at the moment, will post pics soon! Also need to edit the pics I took in Paris with my snazzy Photoshop trial. Compared to Picasa, Photoshop is the most complicated thing evarr and makes my brain want to explode. Have two days off work so am going to take some outfit photos, draft some post, catch up on everyone's blogs and reply to comments. xx


Anonymous said...

First of all.. Whoever cheats on you doesn't deserve a single tear and thought of you. Try to forget him and concentrate on how lovely and beautiful you are. And hey you got some cute doggies at home. Hope they help you get better :) Lilly x

Anonymous said...

as you said to me dordie you can do so much better..trust me there are pleeeenty more fish..cant wait until you come see me and we can celebrate our freedom ;) xxxx

Ella said...

Im sorry to hear about your boyfriend woes. you deserve better :) i wanna see the puppies! xx
Ella @ Belle Vintage

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