Saturday 11 February 2012

Glossy Box January Review

The packaging for the box was absolutely amazing, and I thought the sweet inside was a really cute touch. However I received anti-aging/anti-wrinkle products again, and at 18 I'm not worrying about my skin needing to be more firm, so I gave them straight to my Mum as she uses Clarins. I've been using the primer too and although it's a little dark for my skin tone til I rub it in very well it seems to be helping make up stay in place. The eyeliner is alright - I was excited to receive an Eyeko product but I'm not sure I really get the extended end concept and the eyeliner did smudge a bit after a few hours.

This is my last Glossybox because as much as I love getting those printed boxes from the postman:
- £12.95 a month is still a lot of money
- I don't need more small bottles cluttering my room
- It seems like more money is going into packaging than the products
- Too much skincare/perfume samples as opposed to actual make up

However I have discovered two products I love from Glossybox: The HD Brow Kit (will be buying another), and Stila Smudgestick Waterproof Eyeliner (went and bought another in black). I just know I'll kick myself when I'm at uni next year thinking of the money I could've saved each month if I keep up with Glossybox! What are your thoughts on Glossybox? Good value for money or not? xx


Winnie said...

I haven't signed up for Glossy Box. I love the idea and some of the products have been amazing but...I can't justify it either because they're not all that suitable. Everyone has raved about the Brow Kit and I bought the Mythic Oil after the fab reviews!

Imogen said...

How sweet the packaging is adorable. The eye liner looks pretty good to me.

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