Thursday 16 February 2012

Pink Ombre! ♥

Was going to tone my ombre on Sunday to make it less ginge and more blonde and I found a tub of La Riche Directions in Tulip in my 'dye drawer' so I decided to try out a bit not thinking it would take very well as my hair wasn't very blonde - but it turned out so bright!

Makes me glad the place I work is very laid back! Also can't tell whether MAC foundation is literally a miracle worker or the second picture was taken in excellent lighting...I'm going to put it down to MAC and my Sigma f80 brush which I aime muchly and will try to review soon.

I laaav it so much, keep getting distracted by the fact my hair is bright pink! Also it should look nicer as it fades too, looking forward to getting a pastel pink colour the more I wash it. If anyone is thinking about dyeing their hair an unnatural colour I really recommended La Riche, just look at all the shiny shiny colours:

The colour I'm using at the moment is Tulip, have tried Pastel Pink and Lilac before but they're too light for my hair :/ I'm thinking next I will try Lagoon Blue or Turquoise! xx


Amy Acorn said...

wow looks so gorgeous, i've tried a few of those colours before- dark tulip fades beautifully! x

Hermione said...

This colour looks so beautiful! :) it really suits you, the pink is so lovely. And I looove your blog! It's amazing, I'm always looking for cute blogs to follow :3 xxx

Winnie said...

Oh wow, that pink is INCREDIBLE. I love it on you. I think my friend uses the same dye, she used to use the turquoise shade a lot.

Imogen said...

So cool, it looks great on you. I love how creative pink hair can be.

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