Thursday, 23 August 2012

Mallorca pt 2 - Outfit pictures

I forgot to pop these in my post on Mallorca, and they probs look better in their own post anyways XD I forgot to take a lot of outfit pics, but here are some I did manage to get friends to snap for me.
Left: Dress - Motel - Wedges - New Look - Bag - Primark | Right: Top - Primark - Shorts - New Look - Sandals - Ebay - Earrings - Republic
Left - Sunglasses - Ebay - Bikini (underneath) - ASOS - Playsuit - River Island - Flip flops - Primark
Right - Hairpiece - Forever 21 - Earrings - Gift - Playsuit - Miss selfridge - Belt - Friend's
Top - New Look - Skirt - Ebay (and right is a cocktail filler picture as I don't like portrait images on my blog XD)

You can kind of see my horrifically burnt chest/boobs in some of these pictures. Was so painful! I try to be careful with the suncream but I think I just have the chronic trait that seems to come with being English, in that I will burn regardless. You can always tell who is English on holiday by how burnt they are! xx

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Hermione said...

Such gorgeous outfits, the last one is my favourite! You look so lovely! I hope you had fun, majorca is so amazing, I'm gutted I didn't get to go this year xxx

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