Monday 27 August 2012

Wishlist | Sweaters!

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I'm slightly obsessed with sweatshirts at the moment. They're so easy to style and especially with A/W around the corner (which face it could be any second due to the unpredictability of English weather) I will be stocking up on them! The galaxy one above was linked to me by Cath, and I need it badly for my galaxy collection - there's only size 16's left so I will be stalking the RI site til they get my size back in stock. Also I love the Gaga sweater, it's part of her BTWB merch and I'm seeing her on the 8th at Twickenham so will hopefully be able to get it then! It really reminds me of the Sexy Sweaters tumblr, a must to follow if your tumble (?). xx


CathJones said...

Asos have them in stock in blue?


Sadie said...

I love the cosmic one and the topshop one! So jealous that you managed to get tickets to see Lady Gaga, I couldn't get my hands on any! :) xx

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