Friday 2 August 2013

Feminism and Video Games

I thought I'd share with you guys an interesting YouTube series on the representation of women in video games by a channel called Feminist Frequency. The videos (especially the gaming series) are entertaining to watch as not only does the host of the videos provide critique of the gender roles reinforced through video games; but they're also full of clips from the games to illustrate the point and really well produced.

The tropes vs women in video games series specifically focuses on the damsel in distress stereotype, and has some really shocking statistics about how many games actually feature a female protagonist who isn't there as just a plot device to be captured and rescued by the male hero.

 You can see more of Feminist Frequency's videos HERE. I really recommend watching them, as they analyse pop culture from a feminist critical perspective. However as Anita says in the videos, there's nothing wrong with liking these games however it important to analyse what is problematic within them in the way they portray women and gender roles in general. Personally I'm bored of not being able to play as a female character on Black Ops.

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