Monday 26 May 2014

Soap & Glory Supercat Liquid Black Eyeliner Pen | Review




Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner - £6.00 (in Boots)

  • opaque black pigmentation
  • easy to create cat eye
  • easy to correct mistakes
  • makes eyeliner application quick
  • doesn't dry out easily
  • need to use with primer
  • poor staying power
I never buy anything these days without checking that at least two bloggers would recommend it, and this is on of those things I picked up after bloggy research. I bought this to be a daily eyeliner, and it does the job. First of all, I tend not to use this product without primer. You can't really see from my swatches but using a primer brings out a much deeper black in the eyeliner and increases its staying power. This is the only felt tip style liquid eyeliner I like, it's so easy to use, makes eyeliner application really quick, gives an opaque black most felt tip ones don't give; and, as the name suggests, is really good for doing a cat eye too.

However, while this is brilliant for cutting the time of doing eyeliner, it doesn't have good staying power. I wouldn't recommend this for watery eyes, and if it's raining you need an umbrella as it will smudge, although not terribly. Overall I like this, I will keep using this for day to day use but when I want awesome staying power such as on nights out, I will always go back to MAC's Liquidlast! Have you tried Supercat? What did you think? xx


Unknown said...

awh sounds so good except for the staying power, that really turns me off:(

Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

Unknown said...

Such a shame it's not longlasting, it looks nice on!

Tara x

Indy said...

Oh man, I hate it when stuff smears! I do like how it's a full size pen - that would make it easier for me to maneuver!

Josie said...

I've never tried a felt tip liner before, I'm too addicted to my Maybelline Gel liner! This looks lovely on, shame about the staying power though x

Josie’s Journal

Anonymous said...

Great review doll, shame about the staying power :)x

The Belle Narrative

Noree said...

Nice review!

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Winnie said...

I am the same when it comes to beauty, I always check out the reviews on makeup alley. Especially if I am making an investment in expensive make up. I am yet to try any soap and glory products. I like the sound of their eyebrow pencil (archery I think it's called) but they are always sold out or open in Boots!

LadyGeexox said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LadyGeexox said...

this by the sound of it this should do the trick :)

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