Saturday 3 July 2010

My eyeliner runs in constellations

Today I'm blogging in the garden! I even took pictures of my outfit on the webcam, I nearly fell into the pond feature thingy running back and foward with the self timer.
Skater dress with bow back ♥ Asos ♥ Skinny studded belt ♥ Asos
I actually wore this to school the other day with black flats, the studded belt was such a good buy it was only £4 in the Asos sale and it 'toughens up' most outfits.

I bought some rhinestones to use for deco-den but they are too small as I didn't read the Ebay listing and they're meant to be for nail art :( But I still used them to do a simple design on my nails and embellish a nail polish bottle and eyeshadow case:

Also seeing as cupcakes are so popular in the blogging community I thought I would show you these cupcakes I made for my friend for her birthday. I'm not the best icer but when you line them up they spelt happy birthday.


These rainbow cupcakes take forever to make because you have to separate the mixture into different bowls and colour each part then teaspoon the different colours into the cupcake cases, but the result is pretty awesome:

What are you guys doing this summer? I'm not going on holiday as I'll be busy moving back home in 2 weeks because my house is finally repaired after 6 months due to a house fire. I'm so glad to be going back home! I also need to get a job, get a novel/short story published,do some volunteering, do some more work, work harder on the blog, join a gymn, get more work experience...the list goes on! By some miracle I've managed to save £86 through babysitting so I'm not spending anything until I have £119 for a new Ipod as I still have the first generation Ipod nano (which is being lent to me by a friend who had a spare, before that I had a first generation Ipod mini with a non-colour screen haha). So I'm going to update my Ebay and sell my worldly possessions until I have the money or some fool employs me. I'm trying to get my first job, so far I've been rejected from waitressing, a recruitment agency and bloody washing up! Pretty soul crushing stuff..
But the good news is that I'm a bit more certain about what I want to do at university, probably English with Creative writing (hence getting published being in my to do list).


Iulia Romana said...

You have a lovely garden and ohh,the cookies look delicous !

stylenuggets said...

The cupcakes look delicious-very creative of you!

sallyannie☆ said...

Yum, those cupcakes are making me hungry. I love the back of your dress!

Sara Mari said...

Your dress is so cute, it suits your perfectly! But when I see you webcam photos I realize my cam is beyond crappy...

The cupcakes are so yummy and cute looking, I can barely stand it hehe! I want to taste a rainbow cupcake!

Anonymous said...

love this post!

Winnie said...

Oooh the cupcakes are so fun looking! Good luck with finding more gems for your deco art, It was so much fun deco-ing my phone!


Oh my gosh! I've ran into SO many self timer/ picture taking mishaps! Which I won't recount because, urm, *embarassed face*

ANYWAYS. You look adorable. And I also want to eat that cupcake. I mean RAINBOWS?! That's simply AMAZING.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Imogen said...

This dress is stunning. I love the shape, colour and detailing at the back.

Ariella said...

Your dress is gorgeous. Those bows! I also adore your pastel nails.

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