Tuesday 24 June 2014

Zipper June 2014 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Issue | Japanese fashion magazine












I bought this issue of Zipper recently for Japanese reading practise, and thought I'd share a few snaps of what the magazine is like with you guys. Personally I can't wait to be able to get my hands on Japanese fashion magazines when I do my year abroad, the content just seems far more interesting than the ones we get in England! Company magazine is my favourite but I find the fashion, in depth beauty tutorials and layouts of Japanese fashion magazines far more appealing than anything available in the UK. Zipper especially has a real 'blog' feel to it, with the tutorials, how to wear an item in different ways and focus on many different personal styles rather than focusing on atypical trends.

I totally recommend buying some Japanese fashion magazines if you are into Japanese street fashion, even if you can't read Japanese you still get a ton of style and beauty inspiration! I think I'm going to translate Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's interview for practise for sure, genuinely want to know what they spoke to her about! Next I want to get my hands on an issue of Popteen magazine. If anyone is curious as to where to buy Japanese fashion magazines I bought this issue off YesAsia, but you can also buy them from the Japan Centre website too. What's your favourite magazine to buy? Have any recommendations for me? xx


EmmaM147 said...

So cute!

Emma x

Linda said...

This looks good! Especially the page where they show you what all the lip products look like.


Alice Young said...

This looks so cool! And the tutorials look so in depth and helpful, your write it does have more of a blog layout which I like!

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

Josie's Journal said...

This looks like such a fun magazine! I agree, the blog feel it has is fab....an English mag should do something similar! x


Georgia Owen said...

Never really delved into the world of Japanese fashion, but these magazines look amazing for inspiration, I also love your blog layout!

//teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

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