Monday 7 July 2014

DIY Nails nail decals in Creepy Alpha | Review


I've followed DIY nails instagram (link) for a while now and when I placed an order with Boohoo and saw they had some of their decals in the sale, I knew I had to snap a set up! I got the creepy alpha set, which are alphabet decals in a drippy font style (rather like my blog header).

I dithered for a while about what message to convey to the population via my nails, and went in the end with ‘whatever’. It’s surprisingly hard thinking of something 10 letters long or less to do! I added two little nail stickers I had already on the thumbs so they weren’t blank.


First of all, I found using the decals quite fiddly, especially when doing my right hand (managed to make the R fold over on itself so had to use a different colour one). The instructions tell you to slide the decal off with your finger, but then that doesn’t give you much precision with placement (see the W). I ended up gently pushing the decal off with my finger then grabbing it with tweezers when it started to slide off the backing.


I also think I shouldn’t have used such a dark polish as a base colour, as these aren’t as vibrant as they appear in the packaging once you place them on the nail.


Saying that, these have much better placement than nail stickers due to how thin they are, they lie completely flat and with a top coat I can’t see these falling off at all really. They don’t feel raised off the nail at all, so there’s no chance you’ll be tempted to pick them off or they’ll start peeling or catching on things.


I definitely want to get some of their other styles and try them out, I think getting the hang of these will make doing nail art SO much easier. Think WAH nails style creativeness but without having to faff around with nail art pens!

Summary: Would recommend, definitely worth a try but something you have to get the hang of.

Have you tried any of DIY nails decals or decals in general? xx


Mira Devils said...

Looks so cool. I haven't tried nail art yet but I want to do this too :)


Amy Liddell said...

Such a cute nail look!

Emily Smith said...


I am literally on my way to buy these now xxx

Amylou Sugden said...

I've never used nail decals before! They look good though! I love nail art designs and always end up having to use cocktail sticks! Will have to try these sometime! :)
Love Amylou x

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